• Italian
  • 2023

Advanced Workshop on Soft & Hard Tissue Regeneration for Implant Placement

  • Cortellini Training Centre - Firenze (ITA)
  • December, 01 | 09:00 - 18:00
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The Advanced Training Workshop on Soft Tissue Management and Treatment of Peri-implantitis is an interactive course aiming at clinicians wishing to upgrade their skills in the soft tissue management around implants to treat mucogingival deficiencies and in the application of non-surgical and surgical treatment to peri-implant diseases. The course consists of an integrated approach designed to build and extend the competence of the practicing periodontist in the area of contemporary mucogingival surgery, peri-implant surgery, microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery. The topics will be covered with lectures powered by 2D and 3D video demonstrations, case discussions, and focused hands-on training on animal and silicon models.

The extensive use of implants to replace teeth has opened an enormous field of problems and diseases to manage in our patients, from mucositis to periimplantitis, from aesthetics to soft tissue management. This Advanced Training Workshop is specifically designed to cover in details the critical issues of soft & hard tissue management around implants and of the non-surgical and surgical treatment peri-implant diseases. Dr Cortellini, world renown expert in the field, and their Team will share their knowledge and clinical experience with lectures powered by 2D and 3D video demonstrations, case discussions, and focused hands-on training on animal and silicon models. Indications and contraindications of soft & hard tissue augmentation, the use of biomaterials and the most advanced microsurgical approaches to mucogingival surgery and bone regeneration around implants will be thoroughly discussed. The limits of non surgical treatment of peri-implant diseases  will be explained, along with the details of the surgical approaches. Special emphasis will be given to guide the clinicians in the choice of the appropriate thread decontamination methods and in the application of either resective or regenerative approaches to treat periimplantitis.

  • Clinical strategy for patient management
  • Assessment of periodontal phenotype
  • Key diagnostic elements to plan mucogingival surgery 
  • Selection of the mucogingival approach
  • Envelope versus flap approach
  • When to use a connective tissue graft or a collagen matrix
  • Horizontal & Vertical Bone Regeneration
  • Post-surgical control of early wound-healing
  • Managing complications
  • Control of local contamination and inflammation around implants
  • Non-surgical control of mucositis
  • Pre-surgical management of the site 
  • Pre-surgical diagnosis to plan flap design 
  • Papilla preservation flaps around implants
  • How to decontaminate the implant surface
  • How to select the regenerative material 
  • Primary closure and stability of the wound 
  • Post-surgical control of wound-healing 
  • Receive the state of the art knowledge in the soft & hard tissue regeneration for implant placement
  • Get personal mentoring by the most renown world experts in the field
  • Expand your clinical ability to solve important problems of your patients
  • Increase your confidence in managing severely comprised implants
  • Get the translation of scientific concepts into clinical application