Our Story

Dr. Cortellini started in the 80th a private educational activity in Italy.
Continuous involvement in the main scientific congresses in Italy and worldwide, master courses, monothematic courses and International Training Workshops organized by Dr. Cortellini and his team has been attended by
thousand of dentists coming from all over the world.



The Cortellini Perio Academy is an organization open to Clinicians interested to be part of a world network with a prime interest in good clinical practice and science development.
The purpose of the Cortellini Perio Academy is to “share knowledge, competence and clinical skills and to provide education regarding the art and science of periodontics to promote excellence in the practice of periodontics and to favor scientific research.” The sphere of activity will encompass all the world with an interest in High Quality Periodontology.

Our Training Center in Firenze offers the most advanced technical support for education including conventional slide projection, 3-D projection of video and live surgery, hands-on setting for macro-surgery, 15 operative microscopes for micro-surgical training and the best Italian hospitality.

Research Activity

Dr. Pierpaolo (Sandro) Cortellini research activity started at the beginning of the 80th with a focus on the biologic foundations of wound healing. In that period, special clinical interest was devoted to the relationship between periodontology and restorative dentistry and periodontology and orthodontics. Under the guide of his Mentor Prof G. Pini Prato, Dr. Cortellini developed his surgical skills in mucogingival surgery and periodontal surgery. Very soon he was attracted by the novel approach to periodontal regeneration proposed by S. Nyman and T. Karring with whom he had the fortune to tighten a friendship. From mid 80th he entered the field of regenerative medicine greatly contributing to its development and diffusion, analyzing the key factors for clinical success and proposing novel techniques that have been adopted worldwide. His approaches have been recently strongly recommended in the EFP Guidelines for periodontal therapy. This fascinating “never-ending trip” has been conducted with his mate and friend M. Tonetti. In the same period, he contributed to the development of knowledge and surgical application of mucogingival surgery working with Prof. Pini Prato and his Team.

His interest has expanded in the area of multidisciplinaryrelationship of periodontology with endodontics, restorative dentistry, implant therapy and orthodontics along with his Team including Dr. Aniello Mollo, Dr. Daniele Bonaccini, Dr. Simone Cortellini and Dr. Gabrielle Stalpers.


The research acivity of Dr Cortellini and his mates has been and is actually developed mainly in his Private Clinic in Firenze, under the umbrella of the University of Siena in the 80th of the University of Bern in the 90th , of the Eastman Institute University College London in the 2000th and by today of the University of KU Leuven.

Home of private reaserch activity are the Accademia Toscana di Ricerca Odontostomatologica (ATRO) a non-profit organization that he founded along with Prof G. Pini Prato, C. Clauser and M. De Sanctisin in 1987 and ERGOPerio a non-profit organization that he founded in the 90th with professors M. Tonetti, NP. Lang and M. Sanz.

Educational Activity

Aside the continuous involvement in the main scientific congresses in Italy and worldwide (see the list of main podiums) Dr. Cortellini started in the 80th a private educational activity in Italy proposing to Italian dentists a 2-year master training on Periodontology called Perio-IT. This Master Course has been developed along with Prof. M. Tonetti and has trained more than 400 dentists in 13 editions.

Many monothematic courses have also been delivered through 40 years of educational activity. More recently, from the beginning of the actual millennium, Dr. Cortellini and his Team have directed a special attention to “the rest of the world” organizing in Firenze and worldwide many International Training Workshops that, by today, have been attended by more than 6.000 Dentists coming from all over the world. These private educational activities have been developed under the umbrella of DentIdea and TangramOdis, and today will continue within the newborn Cortellini Perio Academy. Treatment of periodontitis, periodontal regeneration, peri-implant regeneration, mucogingival surgery around teeth and implants, resective surgery and multidisciplinary dental treatment are the main topics.