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  • 2024

Periodontal Regeneration Revisited

  • Cortellini Training Centre - Firenze (ITA)
  • May, 22 | 09:00 - May, 25 | 13:00
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The Advanced Training Workshop will include innovative clinical concepts and many detailed clinical tips. The course is a four days immersion in the revisited and updated world of Periodontal Regeneration. The world most renown Master on Periodontal Regeneration, Dr. Cortellini, and his Team offer a 360° analysis of the up-to-date application of the Biologically Driven Periodontal Regeneration to teeth with intrabony defects. The course will be empowered with detailed description of novel concepts, detailed clinical tips and analysis of pitfalls, complications and failures. The problems will be analyzed and the most advanced solutions will be discussed and shown on Dr Cortellini cases. Lectures, 2D and 3D video demonstrations, hands-on training, practical exercises on simulators, and case discussion, will allow clinicians to upgrade their skills in the application of periodontal regenerative medicine.


Periodontal Regeneration Revisited

This intensive course focuses on 3 main objectives:
1. Update the application of Biologically Driven Periodontal Rigeneneration to teeth with intrabony defects
2. Describe novel concepts, clinical tips and analysis of pitfalls, complications and failures
3. Upgrade you skills in the application of periodontal regeneration medicine

  • Indications and contraindication to regenerative surgery
  • Clinical strategy for patient and site preparation for regenerative surgery
  • Key diagnostic elements to plan flap design 
  • Papilla preservation flaps & minimally invasive surgery
  • Biologic foundations to select the regenerative materials
  • Step by step surgical management
  • Suturing approaches to obtain stable primary closure of the wound
  • Post-surgical management to optimize wound-healing
  • Detecting complications and failures 
  • Managing complications
  • How to prevent complications and failures
  • Be fed with the state of the art knowledge in periodontal regeneration
  • Get personal mentoring by the most renown world expert in periodontal regeneration
  • Expand your clinical competence to satisfy your patient request to save teeth
  • Reduce the rate of complications in managing severely comprised teeth
  • Get the translation of scientific concepts into clinical application