• English
  • 2024

Advanced Training Workshop on Microsurgery

  • Cortellini Training Centre - Firenze (ITA)
  • October, 23 | 09:00 - October, 25 | 18:00
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The Advanced Training Workshop on Microsurgery is an interactive course aiming at clinicians wishing to upgrade their skills in the periodontal regeneration using a surgical microscope . The course consists of an integrated approach designed to build and extend the competence of the practicing periodontist in the area of contemporary microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery. The material will be covered with lectures powered by 2D and 3D video demonstrations, focused hands-on training on animal models, and case discussions.

The adoption of microsurgical principles and procedures provides clinically relevant advantages over conventional macro-surgical concepts. The combination of improved visual acuity with the use of an operating microscope and microsurgical tools specifically designed for this procedure allows more precise and less damaging manipulation of both soft and hard tissues which increases the chances of clinical success. Dr Cortellini has developed specific strategies for the clinical daily use of operating microscopes to overcome the resistance of clinicians to get out of the “confort zone” of clinical routine. This advanced course is especially designed to teach how to implement the adoption of operating microscopes in your clinic in order to simplify the surgical procedures, reduce the operating times and apply the concepts of minimally invasive dentistry. Dr. Cortellini will share his competence through lectures and  2D and 3D video demonstrations. Large time will be spent around training microscopes to intake all the secrets of instrument setting and use. A series of hands-on exercises from simple to extremely demanding specifically designed by Dr Cortellini, will guide the participants to increase their ability to work under high magnification upgrading their surgical skills. Each participant will have the chance to record their own practical exercises and revise all the practical training at home.

  • The basic secrets of operating microscopes
  • To select instruments and materials for minimally invasive surgery
  • The ergonomics of the microscope
  • The working positions of the operator and of the surgical assistant around the patient
  • Novel ste-by-step surgical strategies to optimize the use of the operating microscope
  • How to individualize the setting of the microscope 
  • Handling cutting instruments under the microscope
  • How to control debridement strength under the microscope
  • How to apply different suturing strategies from low to very high magnification
  • Optimize ergonomics of routine use of operating microscope in your clinic
  • Upgrade your personal clinical skills
  • Provide your patient with higher level of quality care
  • Enhance your image in the eyes of your patient